The Homes

Welcome to the latest in year round resort living. Swan Lake Resort's vision is to provide quality new homes in a natural wooded setting with minimal maintenance. These cottages provide up to 1,000 sq. ft. of indoor space and are offered in a varied selection of 5 different models. One advantage of owning a home in our resort is there are no property or real-estate taxes. Other than the initial purchase of the home and your monthly utility bills, the only fee is the annual association fee, which includes water, sewer service, trash removal, upkeep of the common areas and use of the all new recreation center, which will soon be built on the lake.

Birch 1 Bed 1.5 Bath
1,000 sq ft
Chestnut 2 Bed 2 Bath/1.5 Bath
1,000 sq ft
Juniper 1 Bed, 1 Bath
638 sq ft
Pine 1 Bed 1 Bath
1,000 sq ft
Walnut 2 Bed 1 Bath
1,000 sq feet
Willow 1 Bed 1.5 Bath
1,000 sq ft